We at the LowDown Film Festival are absolutely stoked to be collaborating with The British Nerd Network, who will be tweeting, facebook posting, sharing and blogging about LowDown before, during and after the festival. This is a fantastic opportunity to reach out to all nerds who would love the chances to meet film industry professionals, see amazing indie films, and allow them to interact with fellow nerds.

As they say themselves:

The British Nerd Network (TheBNN) provides nerds of all backgrounds a place for them to meet like-minded individuals and to discuss their nerdy interests, whether that be comics, movies, tv shows, games etc. We also provide a platform for content creators, streamers, game developers and more to promote and grow themselves. We are always looking to help promote or expand in the nerd world, and actively encourage fellow nerds to come forward. We also run a blog that shares information relevant to all of our subscribers and members. We also invite our members to show off their creative sides by allowing them to write for us. We’re a community of nerds that all look out for another. We can be reached on Twitter (), Discord (), Facebook () and you can always check out our blog at

Make sure you keep an eye on their blog and social media for any other updates!

That’s it for now……